Single Mom’s Own Struggle Uncovers Largest Hidden Mortgage and Refinance Fraud Scandal of the Century!!

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My Story:

  • I’m a single mom with 2 kids (then 6 & 7) who supports us
  • I bought my home in 1990, & had equity when it was sold illegally, under a restraining order prohibiting the sale.  
  • I was never notified of the sale, which was $200K under market value.  
  • I also had a FORGED LOAN.  
  • I won a landmark appeal against US Bank on 9/11/12, which millions can now use as precedent.  

This is my “David vs. Goliath” story of how I decided to fight US Bank’s illegal and wrongful Foreclosure of my home, how I won my landmark appeal in CA Appeals Court, how I can help you, and how you can help me keep up the fight… not only for me, but for the millions impacted by my case!!

In fact, if everyone who deserves to take action does so, it will probably bankrupt these unethical large banks.  And so be it.  There are plenty of small banks who aren't operating illegaly, ready to take their place! 

What I have realized is these large banks are so arrogant, they think they are above the law. 
They will stop at nothing to make money, and to win, with the result lying, cheating, and stealing.  




In fact, they even had a mom's guns taken who followed my advice--and somehow my money was frozen with a bogus lien when I testified for her!  

They don’t care how they impact people or their lives. But, you and I do.  Their arrogance and admitting they broke the law is their Achilles Heal.  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!   

My case facts (read carefully... one or more points may apply to you!  For this reason I have included a lot of pertinent details...)  

  • In 2002, my home refinance was FORGED (meaning somene else signed my name), adding points & fees. 

** If you  aren't sure you received YOUR FULL ORIGINAL LOAN FILE COPIES ... and very few have... read on!  

  • I later learned MY LOAN HAD BEEN SWAPPED without my consent or knowledge, for one of those “bad” variable rate loans.

  • I stopped the refi when I saw the fees I didn't agree to. But it closed anyway.  Upon investigation, I found at least one forged document.  

  • I hired a handwriting expert, and reviewed my file with the bank (who agreed to investigate, but did NOTHING).  There were MORE THAN A DOZEN forgeries in my file.  

  • Despite suspected fraud, all my requests for all my loan documents DID NOT INCUDE MY COMPLETE FILE. 
** It is very likely you were never given copies of your actual loan file.  Common practice is to give you unsigned copies. Even then, you don't know what happens once it leaves your hands.  
  • There were at least 3 documents with 2 sets of information and 2 different signatures.  In other words, Bank Underwriting ignored obvious forgery signs. 
**So far everyone following my advice is finding forgeries in their original loan file! 
  • Because I didn’t realize my loan had been swapped, I went after the Broker for the fees, then let it go…

  • Five years later, my loan adjusted up significantly…You know the story.  The bank (now US Bank) reported getting “a thousand” calls a day from people who didn’t know they had that kind of loan.  I guarantee a % of those from this bank & others are forged!!    

**You need to check for fraud in your file.  See my video for what to do… then fill out the form on the right… I’ll tell you what to do next for FREE! 

  • When I asked for a loan modification BACK TO MY ORIGINAL LOAN, the bank told me “not to pay” my payment  

** If you were told not to pay your payment, thanks to my appeal you may be able to take legal action! Fill in the form on the right… I’ll tell you what to do! 

  • When I brought up the forgery, they told me they had to investigate, and could not collect from me while doing so.  I believed them.  (They never investigated… and later blamed me!)

  • The bank refused my next (accidental) payment 
**If any of your payments have been refused--even if you got one month behind and the bank demanded all the money at once--they can't do that!  This is illegal.  Thanks to my appeal you may be able to take legal action!  Fill in the 1st form on the right… I’ll tell you what to do!
  • Then, they put my home in Foreclosure, saying they  “forgot” to set a flag in the computer it was being investigated, only Legal could remove it, and ignored my attorney’s letters & calls. 

  • At the advice of the FHA, we SUED getting a restraining order.  

**They later sold my home under the restraining order... if this has happened to you, fill out the form on the right for what to do!  

  • They finally agreed to modify my loan (then later changed their minds and refused the paperwork)

** This is also illegal, although we did not sue for this. It will come out in trial.  
  • Then US Bank SOLD MY HOUSE ILLEGALLY, under a restraining order (TRO), 1 day after the Preliminary Injunction hearing… And when my attorney called them on it they said “I know”. I knew right then they had done this before, and they’d do it again!  They actually ADMITTED BREAKING THE LAW!  Clearly, they felt above it.  

** If your home was sold under a Restraining Order (TRO), or a sale gets scheduled despite a TRO or Injunction, or your home is sold right after a Prelimiary Injunction hearing, thanks to my appeal you may be able to take legal action!  Fill in the form on the right… I’ll tell you what to do!)

  • My home was sold to 1 bidder, for almost $200K under the then depressed market value… (likely “fixed”, which is also illegal…)

  • Although I reported all this to a Vice President at US Bank, and he said (in writing) he would investigate while I was still in my home of 19 years (and there was time  to reverse it), he never did anything, either. 

  • I tried everything to stay in my home.  I was being served eviction papers on Christmas Eve (for a home they didn’t have the right to sell).  I reported this to my elected officials, the OCC and Department of Treasury Federal oversight organizations,  and even the FBI.

  • Back then, it was so blatent and shocking no one could believe banks did these things. Nothing could save my home, back then.  We were forcibly evicted early 2009… The investment company made almost $200K on my home… and I’ve been fighting ever since…

  • Even though US Bank continued to "make up" various defenses, they lost on appeal on 9/11/12 (see link, below…)  I finally won the right to a trial!  

  • I was granted the right to sue for several causes of action, including Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, and Punative damages.

    ** This part of my appeal may also help you!!  You may get more than just your damages… Thanks to my appeal you may be able to take legal action and get more attorneys to help you on a contingency!  Fill in the form on the right… I’ll tell you what to do!)

  • While US Bank asked for an updated settlement offer a week after my appeal hearing, they came back with an offer so insulting it was laughable.  My attorney called it "rediculous". Not only did it not cover ANY of my damages--it didn't even cover attorneys fees.  We ignored it.  
  • US Bank STILL refuses to pay me my damages, even trying to use some loophole in the law to get out of it. 
  • US Bank then took me back to court again at the end of February 2013, to try to limit their damages to $25K. They had to bring up this issue 5 years ago, and they knew it. They lost.  (But of course, it cost me more money which is their strategy.)  
  • Now… I am taking my case forward to a Jury Trial on 9/9/13.  And YOU can not only benefit from my fight, but help me help my family… and many other people!!

Banks like US Bank COUNT on people like us, especially single moms like me, NOT being able to fight them!! 

(You should see how much paper they produced vs. mine!) 

  • I won my APPEAL against US Bank on 9/11/2012.  

  • BUT US Bank is STILL trying to cheat me by not paying what they owe for ILLEGALLY SELLING my home! 
  • So far, I have spent 4 years and multiple thousands fighting US Bank…
  • Because my appeal was published, other people already haven't lost their homes (that is good news…)
  • US Bank would like me to GIVE UP.  These banks try to WEAR you DOWN. That is their number one tactic!! 
  • Don't let them win. DONATE.  TELL YOUR FRIENDS.  JOIN MY FACEBOOK PAGE.  And, if you need help, by all means fill out the form on the right.  It's FREE!  

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